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20 Jun, 2022

The Creation of Bennd: An Interview With Our Founder

Once a month, in our Tuesday newsletters, we chat with the industry's top leaders in wellness to learn about their lifestyle habits, asking them 3 questions that make their day successful. Since June 21st is International Yoga Day, we decided to interview our Founder, Heather Parkin, to find out why she created Bennd and where she predicts the Wellness Industry is headed. 

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Practices to Welcome Pitta Season

16 Jun, 2022

Practices to Welcome Pitta Season

If we have a Pitta constitution or aren't living a lifestyle that honors the change of seasons, we risk Pitta imbalances, leading to a less pleasurable summer experience. Through the wisdom of Ayurveda, we have the power to keep our minds and bodies balanced all year long. Follow this guide to welcome Pitta season and stay balanced all summer long.

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Bennd Ayurvedic Herbs

26 May, 2022

4 Herbs for Mental Health & Clarity

Herbs have been traditionally used to treat mental illness and emotional distress like acute stress, grief, and anxiety.  We're highlighting some of our favorite herbs to improve mental health and clarity so you can feel and function at your best.
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