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San Diego, California

Our Story

Here at Bennd, we are as passionate about yoga as we are about your health and the environment. That is why we created a yoga mat and an accessory line that is chemical and synthetic-free, aromatherapeutic, medicinal, and eco-friendly.

Our founder, Heather Parkin - an avid health and wellness advocate and dedicated yogi - knows that yoga can do amazing things for our mind, body, and spirit. In her years of experience, she observed a major problem: most yoga products on the market today are made up of toxic synthetic materials and are chemically dyed and treated. She realized that every time she practiced yoga she was absorbing these chemicals and inhaling the fumes that were used to make the mat. Even if the mats were made out of natural materials- they were chemically dyed and treated or had toxic binding agents to hold them together. This was an alarming discovery, as the very thing she relied on to further her own heath and wellness, was having a negative effect on those very things.

This started her quest to find something better. Heather was determined to find a healthier way to create yoga mats. Combined with her knowledge and passion for holistic living, she has created a yoga mat and accessory line like no other.

Bennd is an alternative natural solution through the art of Ayurveda. Ayurveda [Ay·ur·ve·da] is a traditional health care system founded in India, dating back 5,000 years. It focuses on the connection between mind and body through medicinal herbs, diet, exercise, meditation, and breath.

At Bennd, we understand the importance of keeping our sacred Mother Earth healthy and alive! This is why we take a holistic, ecological, and ethical approach to our farming and gardening. All of our products are made using sustainably sourced materials, including organic cotton and natural latex rubber. We only use plant dyes, and medicinal herbs sustainably sourced from small, natural and organic farms. Our processes also ensure zero-waste. Our leftover dye bath gets recycled into the Earth by acting as a natural fertilizer for our garden, allowing us to grow more plants and herbs. In addition, scraps from our yoga mats and accessories are recycled into paper for branding purposes. Creating a bio-dynamic brand that makes minimal impact on the environment.

Made in Jaipur, India by an incredibly talented group of women who pride themselves in the rich traditions of their Indian heritage and culture. Our ethically-sourced raw cotton is spun into our own unique threads. These threads are manually cleaned and hand-dyed in our 100% natural, plant and herbal dye bath. Our unique formulation of 22 different Ayurvedic herbs and medicines are then infused into the dye bath giving the threads even more medicinal magic. After the dying process is complete, the threads are twisted and coned, then brought to local handlooms to be made into the most beautifully unique yoga mats and accessories on the market today. We hope you love them as much as we do!