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How To Use Mala Beads to Remain Present in your Meditation Practice
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How To Use Mala Beads to Remain Present in your Meditation Practice

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Are you looking to switch up your meditation practice?

There are so many tools and different styles of meditation that can keep your practice fresh and exciting. Changing up the length of your practice, trying new teachers, or adding supportive cushion are all great ways to implement versatility in your daily meditation. One of our favorite meditation tools is Mala beads. These are fantastic when you want to add a specific intention and keen awareness to your meditation.

What are Malas? 

Malas are a garland of prayer beads originating in India and first used to keep track of the days and accounts. They were a simple means of recording without writing things down. And instead of beads, seeds were used.

Often seen as beautiful beaded jewelry, the use of Malas has evolved a lot over the centuries. In the Buddhist tradition, they are not worn but instead used for prayer and meditation. Like a rosary, each mala bead is used as a guide for repetition. But instead of a prayer for each bead, a mantra is used.

Typically, the beads of Malas are composed of different gemstones or crystals that contain various healing properties. Bennd Malas are created with our Ayurvedic principles in mind. By matching the healing properties of the gemstones to the same healing properties of our medicinal threads, we have created a mala more intentional for the body and mind. Our Labradorite and Harda Mala Necklace, for example, is handcrafted with 108 semi-precious Labradorite stones and our medicinally plant-dyed Harda threads. Labradorite and Harda are both known to be incredibly grounding, aid in digestion, harmonize your gut/brain axis, strengthen focus abilities, boost memory retention, awaken your intuition, and more!

Bennd Labradorite Harda Mala

108 Beads

Malas have 108 beads and a guru bead. 108 is a very auspicious and sacred number in Hindu tradition. History states that the number one stands for God, the universe, and the highest truth, zero stands for emptiness and humility in spiritual practice, and eight stands for infinity. Buddhists say that as humans, we have 108 earthly desires. We must work through these desires to get closer to enlightenment during our time here.  

Meditating with Malas

A huge part of meditation is anchoring into the present moment. This is often done by directing attention to the breath. With Malas, arriving at the present moment is done with the use of the beads and your mantra. Are you ready to start meditating with full intention? Follow these quick and easy steps to get you started:

Grab your Bennd Mala of choice:

  1. Find a comfortable position, one that you would typically meditate in. Try adding a Bennd yoga block or meditation cushion to prop you up and give you support. Close your eyes and take a few breaths to center.
  2. Choose a mantra that feels meaningful to you and your practice if you don't already have one.
  3. Hold your Mala in your right hand between your middle and index fingers. Starting at the guru bead, use your thumb to count each smaller bead, pulling it toward you as you recite your mantra when you come into contact with each bead. 
  4. Do this 108 times, traveling around the Mala with your full present moment awareness until you once again reach the guru bead. To continue the meditation, pass over the guru bead and reverse directions. 

    Bennd Lapis Mala
    Malas are an excellent way to enhance your meditation, feel more connected to your intention, and keep you in the present moment. In addition, the physical act of touching each bead while you meditate helps draw your mind further into the present by utilizing the senses.

    If you feel like you need a change in your practice or an aid to help you focus, implementing a mala is a fantastic option. Plus, they make beautiful statement pieces of jewelry. Wearing your mala necklace is a gentle reminder of your mantra, leaving your days full of positive intention and awareness. Go ahead and treat yourself, shop our Malas now!