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Take Control of Your Menstrual Cycle With The Help of Ayurveda
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Take Control of Your Menstrual Cycle With The Help of Ayurveda

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As women, our menstrual cycle is a sacred part of our femininity. It is a time for deep rest, nourishment, and balance as we shed the prior month. The nature of our cycle can be indicative of our overall health. Symptoms like PMS, cycle inconsistency, and pain can be related to poor gut health, imbalanced doshas, and lifestyle and eating habits. Ayurveda offers many manageable ways to take control of our monthly cycle, so it becomes an enjoyable time of the month, not a dreaded one. 

Bennd Madder Root Turmeric and Harda Ayurvedic Yoga Mat

The Cycle and The Doshas

The nature of your cycle can vary based on what dosha you are. When specific doshas are imbalanced, it can manifest in your menstrual cycle and present more PMS symptoms. Therefore, keeping our doshas balanced for optimal cycle health is essential.


A Vata predominant individual will likely experience a light flow with dark red blood during their cycle. When Vata is imbalanced, one's cycle may disappear altogether, and symptoms like low back pain, anxiety, and insomnia can accompany your period. To avoid a Vata imbalance, favor cooked, warm, and grounding food, slow and nourishing movement, avoid caffeine, cold temperatures in excess, and dry foods. 


Pitta dominant women will likely experience a heavier cycle with bright red blood. When Pitta is imbalanced, women may experience anger, overheating, breast tenderness, acne, irritability, heavy cramping, and diarrhea around the time of their cycle. To avoid a Pitta imbalance, favor dry and cooling foods, slow and relaxing movement, avoid spicy foods, caffeine, and over-exerting your body. 


Many Kapha's will feel more bloated and heavy around their cycle. Their menstrual flow may be heavier with a sticky and mucousy consistency. When Kapha is imbalanced, symptoms like depression, yeast infections, oversleeping, and emotional eating may occur around one's cycle. To balance excess Kapha, focus on eating light, dry, and warming foods throughout the month. Avoid cold, wet, and heavy foods/drinks and prioritize more invigorating movement and activities. 


Ayurvedic Tips for When You're on Your Cycle

It is imperative we take proper care of ourselves during our cycles. The body is doing a lot of work, and it is essential that we honor this time of the month with deep rest and nurturing.

Bennd Double Harda Ayurvedic Yoga Mat 

Here are some tips for a smooth and nourishing cycle every month. 

  • Avoid over-exerting your body  
  • Prioritize deep rest and lots of sleep
  • Practice slow, gentle movement like yin yoga and mindful walks
  • Keep your body warm by sipping tea, trying a heating pad on your womb area, or even some LED Light Therapy 
  • Take deep belly breaths to soothe the mind and ease cramping 
  • Consume hormone balancing herbs like Shatavari, Ashoka, and Dong Quai

    Yoga for Your Cycle 

    Doing gentle yoga during your cycle can help a great deal to calm the mind, nourish the body, and ease any pain or cramping you may be experiencing. Practicing on Bennd mats gives you a dose of added healing benefits while on your cycle. Our mats are infused with traditional Ayurvedic herbs, absorbed through the skin as you practice. Herbs like Madder Root and Sappan Wood are highly beneficial for reproductive health and an optimal cycle. Madder root purifies the blood, supports lymphatic drainage and a healthy reproductive system, while sappan wood activates blood circulation and serves as an antioxidant. Our Madder Root and Sappan Wood Ayurvedic Yoga Mat is the perfect prop to nourish your body and promote hormonal health while on your cycle.

    Here are a few supportive and restful yoga postures for an easeful cycle. 

    Bennd Madder Root and Sappan Wood Ayurvedic Yoga Mat

    Here are a few supportive and restful yoga postures for an easeful cycle. 

    Child's pose

    Come into a child's pose with your knees together. Instead of extending your arms out in front of you, let them fall back by your sides. Let your spine be round and heavy. Hold and breathe as you soften.

    Bennd Tip: Support your child's pose with our Sappanwood Pranayama Pillow, which is also great for daily hugs when you need a little extra solace and comfort!

    Bennd Double Annatto Ayurvedic Yoga Mat

    Supine twist

    Come to lie down on your back. Bring both knees into the chest and drop them over to your right. Extend your arms out long at shoulder height and gaze over your left ear for a twist. Hold for five to ten breaths before switching sides.  

    Reclined Pigeon 

    Stay on your back and bring both knees into the center. Cross your right ankle just above your left knee, opening your right knee toward the side of the room. Flex your feet and reach through to grab your left thigh, encouraging it closer for a stretch in your right hip. Hold for a few breaths before switching sides.  

    Take time to prioritize nourishment and ease while on your cycle. Keep your doshas balanced with our Ayurvedic tips and Bennd's herbal-infused mats for your healthiest period possible.