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Bennd's Top Four Tips to Reuse and Recycle Your All-Natural and Biodegradable Yoga Mat
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Bennd's Top Four Tips to Reuse and Recycle Your All-Natural and Biodegradable Yoga Mat

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Extending the life of your yoga mat and keeping it out of landfills is a challenge in the yoga industry. The current textiles ecosystem is a significant yet overlooked source of toxic chemical exposure and non-recyclable waste. Most textiles, including yoga mats, are made of toxic, synthetic materials, including chlorine gas, mercury, vinyl, or polyvinyl chloride (PVC). These contain heavy metals like lead and carcinogenic chemicals like phthalates and chemical dyes, which also contain heavy metals and aromatic amines. These substances are released into the atmosphere and cannot be recycled, plus they take hundreds of years to decompose. If you do dispose of these mats through incineration or if buried in a landfill, it releases dioxin — a cancer-causing chemical. Lastly, the chemical dyes are being disposed into our waters, causing water pollution and harming our marine life. 

We know that a well-loved yoga mat can become challenging to practice on as time goes by. This is why we designed Bennd mats to be versatile in any space, whether on or off your mat. Our process in curating textiles is designed to use only what we need. Everything that we produce is 100% biodegradable, ensuring that our products never turn into waste that can cause long-term damage to ecosystems. This is our promise to the environmentOur 'Waste None' motto, which includes repurposing our dye baths as fertilizer, recycling our textiles into handmade paper, and only using non-virgin, biodegradable materials for packaging and shipping our products, is the heart of our mission. 

Below the Bennd team shares some creative ways to reuse and recycle your all natural yoga mat.

Use it as a Rug

If your Bennd mat is no longer serving your practice, the soft and luxurious dyed cotton makes the perfect rug for any space. For example, transition the mat as a runner in a long hallway. Do you want an incentive to do the dishes? Try placing it as a rug at the kitchen sink. Imagine the medicinal herbs absorbing into the bottoms of your feet as you scrub away. How about taking it camping, to the beach, or on a picnic to stay dry and comfortable as you sit. The options here are endless. 

Bennd Yoga Rug

Create an Art Piece

Bennd's mats are thoughtfully dyed and curated to be beautiful props that are both useful and decorative. Get creative! If you are no longer using your mat but love how it looks, recycle it into textile art! Our mats can be cut and pieced back together in so many ways. They make beautiful boho wall pieces when cut in half and hung with string or twine. Use your imagination and take the opportunity to explore creating something unique for your space. 

Bennd Recycled Textile Wall Art

Bennd Recycled Textile Wall Art

Use it in a Dog Crate

If your mat has some wear and tear, gift it to your furry friends! Pets love the high vibration of the medicinal herbs, and it adds extra comfort to their lounging space. The mats make a great addition to a dog or cat crate to line the bottom instead of using a towel or old blanket. You can also use it as a dog bed or mat for them to lay and relax on. 

Animals on Bennd Yoga Mats

Donate it to an Animal Shelter

Animal shelters are always looking for more supplies to support their animals. Things like blankets, towels, and mats are almost always in need. If you are ready to get rid of your mat, donate it to your local animal shelter. Offering comfort to support their animals will most definitely put a smile on your face.  

Our priority is to create fantastic quality textiles with healing benefits that last. We keep the health of our planet in mind every step of the way, which is why it's so essential for us to inspire you to get creative with giving your Bennd mat a second life. With so many ways to recycle, there is no reason to dispose of it once you are no longer using it for your practice. Refer back to these ideas or create your own way to reuse them.

Bennd Chakra Yoga MatIf you still choose to dispose of it, rest assured that it is entirely biodegradable and will not cause harm to our planet. You can toss it in the recycle bin and then head over to our website to explore our different collections and find a brand spanking new one suited to your lifestyle and practice needs.