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How to Embody the Principles of Yoga into Your Everyday Life
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How to Embody the Principles of Yoga into Your Everyday Life

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Having a physical yoga practice can provide tremendous benefits to our well-being. The method of yoga, however, goes far beyond the time we spend on our mat. In Sanskrit, yoga means union and is a practice of unifying the mind, body, and soul. There are many ways we can invite the spirit of yoga and its principles into our life beyond the mat. Here are some of our favorite ways to weave your practice into your everyday world. 

Connect with Your Breath

In yoga, breath is considered to provide vital life force and is one of the most important aspects of the practice. Connecting to your breath and cultivating conscious breathing patterns is something you can do anytime, anywhere. Breath has the power to calm our minds, relax our bodies, and invite us deeper into the present moment. 

Bennd Yoga

You can practice connecting with your breath by simply inviting your awareness to it at any moment. Notice the quality of your breath, the sensation of it entering and leaving the body. Allow the breath to be your anchor to the present as you move throughout your day. 

Another way to implement the soothing effects of a yoga class into your daily life is by cultivating deep diaphragmatic breaths. Throughout your day, prioritize breathing deeply and from your belly. When you notice your breath, begin to intentionally slow it down, inhaling into the lower abdomen to start, then exhaling slowly. This style of breath helps us drop into the parasympathetic nervous system and calm down any worries of the mind so we can be present in our bodies. 

Practice Mindfulness

So often, we move through life on auto-pilot, paying little attention to what is in front of us and missing life's precious moments. Yoga invites us to explore the present moment with more keen awareness. Practicing being intentionally present and inviting this principle into our everyday lives can profoundly affect how we experience our existence. 

The practice of mindfulness allows us to awaken to the beauty in our everyday lives and learn to savor it deeply. We can practice mindfulness no matter where we are or what we are doing- it simply consists of becoming fully present with what is in front of us. 

Bennd Yoga Mindfulness

Here are some simple mindfulness practices you can try: When you are showering, tune into the sound of the water, the smell of the soap, and the feeling of warmth on your skin. While eating, tune into the scent of your food, the texture, the flavor, and the ambiance around you. 

Mindfulness allows the world around us to come alive and helps us savor the beauty of the present moment. Invite moments of mindfulness into your day and watch how your mind and emotional state shift. 

Embody Loving Kindness 

Yoga encourages us to adopt an attitude of love, forgiveness, and tenderness toward others. Start embodying this principle in your daily life by approaching life and difficult situations with more love, appreciation, and patience. Treat others in your life with kindness, and do your best to forgive with understanding and grace. Breathe into your heart space during times this feels difficult, and come back to your center. 

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Yoga is a profoundly transformative practice. Filled with tools that encourage you to live the most meaningful life you ever thought possible on and off your mat.

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