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How Easily Do You Bennd?
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How Easily Do You Bennd?

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My biggest intention for 2020 was ‘To bend and let go.’ I’ll be honest, I was already struggling with my intention mid-February, only six weeks into the year! Then Convid-19 hits. Chaos ensues, anxiety levels at an all-time high. Shit, now I really have to do the work. 

‘Bend and let go’. What does this intention mean to me?

The concept of control kept appearing in my life. I have never thought of myself as a person who needs to be in control and I’d like to think I am a pretty easy going person. But the more I leaned into a daily meditation practice, the more I realized most of my adult life I had been working against nature. I have been trying to control the flow of living instead of just living in the flow. Inspired by these new discoveries about myself, I wanted to dive in further. How easily am I willing to bend into the natural flow of things and let go of what doesn’t serve me?

Let’s face it when the universe has something in store for you it doesn’t matter how much you try to control things because what’s meant to be, will be. There will always be obstacles, chaos, and moments in life that throw you off track. This whole pandemic we are experiencing right now is a perfect example of this. Everyone's lives are at a standstill, the fear of the unknown is causing anxiety and chaos everywhere, and for some this feels like an impossible feat to overcome. How can you adjust your mindset so you bend into these moments with ease? Can you let go of what is no longer serving you at this time and morph into something better? It is how we find the calm in this chaos, in these uncertain times, that will ultimately define how we experience our reality. 
Bennd Meditation PracticeIncorporating morning meditation practices has helped me get through the days with less worry. It allows for more flow in my business, my creativity, and life in general. I ask myself before the meditation begins- What does my body need right now? What will help set my day up for success? I listen and then choose a guided meditation accordingly.

Another great tool is a daily yoga practice that consists of warrior poses and backbends. Warrior poses help you let go and find courage, empowerment, and perseverance through these challenging moments. Backbends will help you open up your heart to receive love, expand your lungs to use your voice, and stimulate your nervous system to relax your anxiety and fears.Bennd Dancer's PoseI encourage you to be gentle with yourself, show love to those who challenge your existence, bend with ease and grace more than you think your mind and body will allow. Most importantly, show gratitude. You will be surprised that the simple act of showing daily gratitude, will help release your need to control the future. Gratitude teaches you that you already have everything you need at this moment in time, which helps lessen your worry of the unknown. These changes that the world is experiencing are here to helps us grow into a healthier and more mindful species. The old world, as we know it, is drifting away. What a blessing that change is here! What a blessing that we get to experience this change together, encouraging us to help each other rise up collectively as one. So I ask you this- How easily will you Bennd?

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