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The Bennd Holiday Gift Guide- Ayurvedic Inspired Gift Giving
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The Bennd Holiday Gift Guide- Ayurvedic Inspired Gift Giving

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The holiday season is quickly approaching and along with it comes lots of shopping! If you’re looking for gift ideas for your friends and loved ones, look no further than our curated Ayurvedic Gift Guide full of self-care, yoga and meditation goodies, jewelry, thoughtful books, and cooking accessories.

Chosen with intention by our Founder, Heather Parkin, she's positive you will find something here to pamper everyone on your list this year.

Skin Care

Bennd Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Talia Skincare Say hello to glowing skin! This Luminous Glow Essentials Gift Set from Talia Skincare is sure to keep you glowing all year long. Three luxurious Ayurvedic inspired products made to pamper and nourish your skin in one complete set. Shop now!

Wildling Have an empress on your list? The Empress Collection is a complete facial gua sha system based around the ancient healing and skin illuminating tools of traditional Chinese medicine. This practice can help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, promote circulation, promote lymphatic drainage, and encourage myofascial release. Shop now!

Ranavat has made it easy for you to recreate your favorite spa rituals at home with their relaxing I Am Calm gift set. Featured in this set is Ranavat’s full-sized, award-winning Brightening Saffron Serum and their signature Kansa Wand facial massage tool. This perfect combination nourishes the skin, calms the mind, and balances toxins. Shop now!

Self Care

 Sound as Color Great sleep, is everyone's favorite gift! These gorgeous handcrafted Crystal Eye Mask + Ritual Card Set from Sound as Color is at the top of our gifting list this year. Choose from one of five colors, which are all plant-dyed and naturally antibacterial. Each mask comes with an accompanying crystal to help relieve feelings of anxiety, adapt easily to change, and gracefully lean into the ebbs and flows of life.  Shop now!

Paavani Ayurveda For the tea lovers in your life, treat them to The Herbal Tea Ritual by Paavani Ayurveda. Included in this set are four 100% organic, herbal teas hand-blended in the spirit of Ayurveda. Loose leaf and caffeine-free, each of these special blends is intended to support a different dosha and offer support at any time of day or season. Shop now!

Anima Mundi Apothecary Calling all intuitives. Support the third eye center with the Lucid Dreaming Kit from Anima Mundi Apothecary. The Lucid Dreaming Kit is full of herbs to help support the pineal gland, which is known to encourage lucid dreaming, restful sleep, and nervous system tonification. Shop now!

Yoga and Meditation

Chakra Ayurvedic Yoga Mat Support your loved ones or treat yourself to an upgraded yoga and meditation experience with our Chakra Ayurvedic Yoga Mat. The seven colors are formulated to effectively balance each of the seven chakras, creating an exceptionally healing yoga experience. A perfect intro for anyone on your list looking to start a meditation practice. Shop now!

Bennd Meditation Pillows Give the meditation lovers on your list an upgraded meditation sanctuary with our handcrafted, medicinally plant-dyed, meditation pillows. Each pillow is filled with organic buckwheat hulls for complete support, organic lavender to evoke a sense of calm, and three mindful intentions of their choice. Shop now!

Sacred Creators Oracle Deck Any big dreamers on your list? Consider this gorgeous Sacred Creators Oracle Card deck from Chris-Anne. This deck includes 67 beautifully designed Oracle Cards to assist you with finding your dharma and cultivating your dreams. Bonus: this set includes an online material library with audio tracks and guided meditations. Shop now!


Bennd Mala Necklaces If you’re looking to adorn your friends and loved ones, consider a one-of-a-kind Mala Necklace from Bennd. Made with 108 semi-precious stones, one protective rudraksha seed, and medicinally dyed cotton threads. The vibrational energies of each stone and thread meet harmoniously to awaken your soul's purpose and manifest the life of your dreams. Shop now!

Starling For the gemstone lovers in your life, the North Star Signet Ring by Starling is not to be missed. With choices of 12 different precious stones set in a band of yellow, white, or rose gold, you can mix and match to create the perfect combination for that special someone. This ring acts as your personal North Star or guiding light; a reminder of the people, priorities, or values that keep you pointed towards your true north. Shop now!

Ananda Soul These Trust in Life stud earrings by Ananda Soul are the perfect gift for someone who needs a little courage to step towards their soul’s calling. A sparkling scarab beetle with a 1.5mm aquamarine gemstone is set in a gold-plated recycled sterling silver stud earring that represents eternity and instills courage. Shop now!


Vastu: Breathing Life Into Space For the design aficionados who thrive in a delicately balanced living space, enter~ the art of Vatsu. An Ayurvedic design concept that teaches you to live harmoniously with nature. Vastu: Breathing Life Into Space by Dr. Robert Svoboda introduces the principles of Vastu Shastra (India’s Feng Shui) by guiding the reader into the dynamics of space, alignment, and form in ever-expanding orbits of individual life. Shop now!

Living Ayurveda For those looking to bring Ayurveda into their daily routine, look no further. Living Ayurveda, by Claire Ragozzino walks the reader through simple ways to integrate a daily practice through food, breath, movement, and meditation. Bonus: it makes for a gorgeous coffee table book. Shop now!

Rupi Kaur Nothing says self-love and empowerment like Rupi Kaur. Pick up Rupi’s paperback poetry boxed set for the poet, writer, or your very own self-love stocking stuffer.  Shop now!


Divya’s Kitchen For anyone interested in experimenting with Ayurvedic cooking, this Ayurvedic Cooking Starter Set by Divya’s Kitchen is an excellent place to begin. This set includes all the Ayurvedic cooking essentials. Bonus: as the gift giver, your automatically granted lead taste tester. Shop now!

Non-Verbal Ethically sourced, fair trade organic cacao, infused with Ayurvedic herbs, whats not to love? This full collection by Non|Verbal includes each one of their signature bars. Why choose one when you can gift the full set?  Shop now!

Maya Moon Nothing screams the holiday season like chocolate truffles! Indulge and align your energy centers with seven unique favors that are included in this artisanal Chakra Truffle Gift Box by Maya Moon. Shop now!