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San Diego, California

Free People Movement Studio Austin, TX
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Reuniting in person at Free People's NEW Movement Studio in Austin, TX.

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If we learned one thing during the recent global pandemic, it’s that we all need human connection in our lives to truly thrive. Being distanced from our loved ones for long periods of time can have an enormous impact on our emotional health and well-being. While digital connectivity allows us to stay productive and keep in touch, a video call will never replace a simple hug or the presence and energy felt when connecting in person with another human being. Today, and into the future we will appreciate each opportunity to meet friends and loved ones face to face, and we will reap the benefits both mentally and emotionally.

To assist with the transition back to physical interactions, we recently took part in a gathering with over 50 yoga enthusiasts at the brand new Free People Movement Studio in Austin, Texas. This special community event was hosted by the beautiful Laura Gilham-Jones who brought together different holistic practices that combined breathing, visualization, movement, and sound healing. 

Aubre Winters Free People Movement Studio

This all-day event took off with an energizing sweat session led by the magnetic Aubre Winters; followed by a HIIT class with personal trainer Nicole Rauch; and ending this enchanted afternoon by celebrating our dear friend Miki Ash’s birthday, enjoying cake and a slow flow yoga class. Miki’s soothing and loving nature always inspires class participants to move their stuck energy and relax their racing thoughts.

Miki Ash Free People Movement Studio

The highlight of the event was a magical evening sound bath offered by Cynthia Bernard, founder of ATX Yoga Girl, a (mobile) community wellness studio featuring a cohesive collection of offerings including yoga, mindfulness, and sound meditation for both kids and adults.

Cynthia describes a sound bath as “a deeply-immersive, full-body listening experience that I have found through anchoring your attention on the moment, the sound, feeling of vibrations… It is gentle, restorative, and can shift your mind and body. It is a form of sound healing, an art that has been practiced since ancient times. The concept of a sound bath is that you are “bathed” in the vibrations emitted through sound. Every aspect of our bodies and the universe is in a state of constant vibration. Sometimes the vibrations in and around us can feel out of sync or out of balance. Sound healing works by sending sound vibrations through the body, to create balance and harmony throughout. A Sound Bath can allow your brain waves to slow, shifting from an active state to a more relaxed state, or even a dreamlike state. This can begin to shift the nervous system into a natural parasympathetic state.”

Free People Movement Sound Bath

Cynthia used crystal Quartz singing bowls for the sound bath along with hand-made shell beads from Bali, which have a rain-like sound, helping to soothe the body. It has always been important for Cynthia to include the familiar sounds of Bali, as Bali has been an important part of her own healing journey. As the participants received healing from the sound bath they relaxed on our Sappan Wood Ayurvedic Meditation Pillows and Yoga Bolsters, which supported them comfortably throughout the session. The organic buckwheat hull and lavender fill provide ideal support and extra relaxation for the body. Additionally, the pillows are crafted from pure cotton threads, medicinally dyed in Sappan Wood, and infused with our special blend of 22 traditional Ayurvedic herbs.

Bennd Sappan Wood Ayurvedic Meditation Pillow

Sometimes we need time alone and sometimes we need connection with others. Learning how to balance this, feels like the secret to wellbeing. We are beyond grateful for the time we spent with this beautiful @fpmovement Austin community. We would like to invite you to follow along with them and stay up to date with their events here. If you live in the Austin area, please stop by the studio, take a class, and try out our Sappan Wood Yoga Bolsters and Meditation Pillows. ⁠
Free People Movement Studio Austin, TX