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New Moon In Libra
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What the New Moon in Libra Brings Us by Danielle Beinstein

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New Moons offer us a reset, a chance to write our intentions for the following weeks and months. 

This New Moon, in the sign of Libra, offers the age-old reminder that relationships are mirrors. Libra is the seventh sign of the Zodiac, bringing Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere and Spring in the Southern. We’ve organized and prepared during Virgo Season and are now ready to greet the world, to engage. 

Libra is a Cardinal Air Sign. It likes to initiate but would rather initiate with another. It has a tendency to belabor, weighing all sides before jumping into action. It prefers we all get along, that harmony reigns and is often averse to confrontation. Ruled by Venus, it possesses a gift for design and seeks beauty in many forms, but especially atmospherically. 

Being so focused on the other can be, like all things, both a blessing and a curse. There’s a relational superpower here, an ability to connect with others, to intuit their needs before they’re even articulated. There’s also, unless other factors are involved, a talent for diplomacy and negotiation. The flip side is a kind of betrayal of self, so oriented towards the other that it loses sight of itself. 

Here, on this particular lunation, the Sun and Moon in Libra are opposing Jupiter, the planet of expansion and luck, in Jupiter. There is a growth mindset here. Relationships can be mutually beneficial. With so much focus on independence and autonomy in the wellness space, it’s wise that we remember that interdependence is the key, the dance of give and take. Our relationships, be they familial, platonic, or romantic, provide our lives with meaning and purpose, a kind of anchor. We do not exist in a vacuum; We need one another. 

All this is to say, the Libra New Moon is an especially auspicious day to set intentions for our relationships, to meditate on our own mindset when it comes to those we love. How we relate to the issue, my teachers once told me, is the issue. What triggers, if any, are present in our dynamics? How can we utilize them as a gateway to better understanding ourselves and others, to heal the rifts, however minor, between us? 

Can we, like Elizabeth Gilbert so beautifully explored in her seminal book, Eat, Pray, Love, see everyone we encounter as a teacher? Can we see the mirrors all around us? 

Relationships offer us infinite opportunities to see ourselves and others in a new light, to see the layers underneath. We’re so quick, in our current cultural maelstrom, to dismiss others. 

We, humans, are incredibly complex. We are individuals, not labels. The more we accept our humanity and others, the richer, more nuanced, textured, and soulful our relationships become. 

The answer is not out there. No one is coming to rescue us from ourselves. Instead, they’re coming to reveal us. Our fears, angst, and insecurities often come bottled in our perception of others. This isn’t to say we’re meant to get along with everyone. But it is a reminder that we, like everyone else, have our stuff. We’re flawed and fallible and beautiful and real. The more we accept that in ourselves, the more we can accept it in others. Such is the foundation of intimacy. And the definition of grace.