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Ayurvedic Tips to Recover from your Summer Vacation

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While summer vacation may be one of the most enjoyable parts of the season, it can leave us feeling a bit lackluster once all the fun is over. Romping around a new city, indulging in foreign delights, and having too many cocktails with dinner can require us to go into recovery mode once we return to our everyday life. We've talked about our top Ayurvedic tips during travel, but we want to let you in on our top tips for travel aftercare. Here are some of our favorite ways to recover mind, body, and spirit after your season's trips. 

Focus on Rehydrating 

Long days spent in the sun and exploring a new city can leave us less than hydrated, whether we realize it or not. Hydration is cumulative, and the longer we haven't been consuming an adequate amount of water, the longer it takes for us to replenish our system properly. Make it a point after returning from your next trip to increase the water intake. Add electrolytes or a squeeze of lemon for added hydration. 

Cool Down

The stress of summer travel amid peak heat can cause our Pitta to run rampant. Add on spending days in the sun and packing a full schedule, and it may be time to focus on cooling down your system. If you're feeling overheated, overwhelmed, irritated, or have skin or stomach issues, focus on implementing a Pitta pacifying diet and lifestyle for a bit. Avoid too many spicy, sour, and salty foods and incorporate foods with more cooling, sweet, and astringent qualities. Avoid moving quickly and in high-stress situations and prioritize some quality rest and relaxation. 

Engage in Gentle Movement

Car rides, trains, and airplanes can cause a lot of stiffness and stagnation in the body. After a lot of travel, we can feel tense and have limited mobility. Try lubricating your muscles and joints and get your blood flowing through gentle movements like qi gong, yoga, or walking. Try using our Chakra Ayurvedic yoga mat to rebalance your system and energy centers as you tend to your body. 

Soothe Digestion

Indulging in new foods can irritate and confuse our digestive system. If you find yourself bloated, gassy or having irregular stools after a trip, taking proper steps to soothe and tend to your digestive system is essential. Try drinking exclusively warm water with a little bit of fennel. Avoid foods that are too oily, heavy, or have added sugar. Refrain from coffee and alcohol until you feel steady and like your digestion has returned to normal. 

Summer travel is truly one of the best parts of every year, but it doesn't come without complications. There are many ways that we can nourish ourselves as we travel and aid in a recovery process afterward. Intuitively listening to your body while you travel will allow you to feel your best while you explore and when you get home. After all, life is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest, and vacation is a time to engage in life's many pleasures.