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How Nature Can Impact Mental Health
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Getting Out In Nature Can Positively Impact Our Mental Health

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Spending time in nature can be profoundly healing for our minds and bodies. Our natural world offers us a place of sanctuary and refuge from the noise of our minds and modern society. With the tumultuous past couple of years, it is becoming increasingly important that people prioritize their mental health in ways that feel good for them. Spending time outside can be an excellent option for many.  

Nature and mental health

It's no secret that time spent in the forest or by the sea tends to have calming and relaxing benefits, but it turns out that there is science behind this shared experience. An article in the science-based publication Greater Good Magazine states: "Scientists are beginning to find evidence that being in nature has a profound impact on our brains and our behavior, helping us to reduce anxiety, brooding and stress, and increase our attention capacity, creativity, and our ability to connect with other people."

Incorporating Nature in Your Life 

There are many ways that you can get your dose of nature therapy. You don't need to live in a forest cottage or in the middle of the prairie to experience the natural world's healing effects. The natural world isn't some elusive place we need to travel for days to get to, it's all around us, and there are always ways to benefit from nature no matter where you live. 

Find your local park

This one is for the city dwellers. If you reside in a concrete jungle and feel out of luck when it comes to being immersed in nature, look up your local park. Find a day of the week where you have some free time to prioritize spending some time there, soaking in the sunshine, and being present with what is around you.

Local Park

Go on a hike

Hiking is one of the best ways to benefit your mental health. Moving your body and spending time outdoors is a surefire way to feel good. Look up your local trails or make a day trip. Hiking doesn't have to be extravagant, and most places have some form of a trail if you look for them. Be sure to choose a course based on your experience level and bring a buddy. 

Hiking in Nature

Work outside

The beauty of working from home gives you the ability to work where you want when you want. Take your laptop outdoors. Set up a space in your backyard, patio, outdoor seating at your local cafe, or take your hotspot to the park. You can soak in the healing benefits of nature while you get your work done.

Bennd Yoga Nature

Look up your local botanical gardens

Exploring your local botanical garden is an excellent option if you live in a city or town where open space isn't accessible. Many cities have indoor gardens and greenhouses where you can explore plants from all different climates and get a taste of a lush environment without traveling far. Set aside time to find your local gardens and spend time amongst nature during your weekend. 

Botanical Garden

Take your practice outside

Taking your meditation, pranayama, and yoga practice outdoors is a great way to add additional relaxation to your ritual. Try bringing our Chrysoprase + Sappan Wood Mala Necklace with you; it may encourage you to meditate wherever you find yourself exploring.

Chrysoprase +Sappan Wood Mala Necklace

Our Chrysoprase + Sappan Wood mala eases anxiety, calms the nervous system, and promotes feelings of hope, joy, and optimism. Take this mala with you outside next time you are planning to practice, and allow the healing powers of nature infused in this mala and all around you to help you drop deeper into yourself and your practice.