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Bennd Yoga Full Moon
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Honoring The Cycles of The Moon by Danielle Beinstein

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For nearly a decade, I’ve guided others into greater attunement of their personal celestial cycles, charting the ephemeris through the personal natal chart. The stars and constellations provide a profound map of our own becoming, a gateway into the interconnectedness of all things. Still, it’s the Moon I return to again and again, its sacred offerings and revelations.

The Lunar Cycle lasts about 28.5 days, beginning with the New Moon, a time to plant seeds and set intentions for the next six months, when the Full Moon in the same astrological sign sets the night sky aglow, bringing our intentions to fruition. Within a singular lunar cycle, however, we experience the Full Moon two weeks after the New Moon, in a moment of culmination, illumination and release. Full Moons can bring up a great deal of emotion, unearthing previously stuck or unacknowledged material. For that reason, I recommend carving out time for reflection on these potent days.

Bennd Yoga Full Moon Meditation
Each Full Moon, like each New Moon, carries a unique and specific energetic imprint, which I will highlight in the coming months here, on this page. That being said, due to their emotional charge, it’s wise to ground, to allow the body and nervous system to settle, so come into equilibrium. In practicing yoga, we allow knotted emotions to release, to work themselves out through our various movements and poses. It’s a ritual of devotion, honoring ourselves, others, and this majestic earth we inhabit. Bennd's Double Harda yoga mat, dyed entirely with the incredibly grounding Harda herb, can help get you into a relaxed state of peaceful equilibrium.

No matter our style of practice, whether we’re partial to Ashtanga, Power Yoga, Kundalini, or Restorative (which I like the call Napping With Props), the inclusion of Heart Opening poses, such as Camel or Fish Pose, can be incredibly beneficial. So can meditation, of course, opening the Third Eye Chakra and inner sight. Full Moons are reminders of our own inner completeness. 

Want to connect to a higher realm of consciousness while meditating? Try using Bennd's Labradorite + Harda Mala necklace to further ignite your third eye chakra and awaken your intuition. Bennd Yoga Double Harda Yoga Mat

We already have everything we need within us. And everything we’re seeking is seeking us. In Sanskrit, the word purnata means ‘enough,’ ‘perfection,’ that feeling of true contentment and satisfaction. We live in an ever moving conveyor belt of distraction, activating feelings of inadequacy and angst, thinking this or that will satiate our appetite. But the truth is, it’s the yearning itself that keeps us farther from ourselves, locked in our minds, separate and apart.

That’s not to say that the wanting itself is anyway void of meaning or purpose. We’re human. Desire is part and parcel of this journey. It’s a matter of how we approach it, what frequency we’re carrying and emitting. The more peace we can find internally, learning to live with uncertainty and the unknown, the more we allow space for inspired action and flow.

Bennd Yoga Full Moon

Living in alignment with the Lunar Cycles can facilitate wondrous, divine orchestrations of synchronicity. I’m so looking forward to going on the journey with you, as we navigate their lessons and revel in their bounty, each lunation paving the way for an even subtler, more magical attunement and awakening.

Much much love
xx Danielle

Danielle Beinstein is a Counsellor, Coach and Psychological Astrologer. She combines astrology with archetypes to reveal and reflect different aspects of the human psyche believing that astrology offers us “a window into our personal life cycles." She currently offers private consultations and Astrology courses online. To learn more, visit her website daniellebeinstein.com.