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The Meaning of the Full Moon in Aquarius  by Danielle Beinstein
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The Meaning of the Full Moon in Aquarius by Danielle Beinstein

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Full Moons are moments of culmination, illumination, and release. This one, in Aquarius, signals a breaking point. Since last year, we have been pushed and cornered, urged to break free. Here comes another not-so-gentle shove. The status quo just won't suffice. We must innovate. We must upgrade. To do so, we must be willing to acknowledge the role our mind has played in arresting our progress, and the ideas and thinking that keep us small.

Aquarius is paradoxical, at once focused on the individual's uniqueness and the collective's interests. Nonconformist in some respects, ideological in others. This particular Full Moon conjuncts karmic and principled Saturn, squares unpredictable Uranus, and determines Mars in Taurus. Translation: anything is possible.

In the Chakra system - the seven main energy centers of the body - the Third Eye or Ajna, the point between the eyebrows, reveals our inner sight and vision. Suppose we were raised in a very religious home or within a rigorous framework, for example. In that case, this point is often imbalanced, as we were conditioned out of our own visions and quests in service to something more dogmatic and rigid.

When the Third Eye is balanced, however, we are able to "see" clearly. We integrate reason and heart. We feel emotionally balanced and are able to perceive subtle variations and possess intuition, inspiration, and insight. We are self-aware. To tap into your intuition and balance your third eye chakra, incorporate our Indigo Ayurvedic Mat into your monthly full moon ritual. Dyed with the powerful blue herb Indigo, this mat helps enhance intuition and imagination while you practice so you can set yourself up for a magical month ahead. 

Anatomically, the Third Eye is connected to the pineal gland, which governs our biorhythms, produces melatonin and has the capacity to awaken mystical levels of consciousness. Astrologically, it is also linked to Aquarius.

Aquarius is an Air Sign, meaning it relates to the intellect. It is governed by Saturn and Uranus, the planets that are, as mentioned above, currently squaring one another. The former deals in responsibility and maturation. The latter, Uranus is considered a higher octave of Mercury, the winged messenger, which rules communication and thought. It is also rebellious and known to bring reversals of all kinds. In forming a square, they ignite friction, which can yield creative results. The process, however, is often messy, as tensions are likely. Such energy can certainly heighten our perceptions.

We may feel on edge, but such states of agitation can propel us forward into new ways of being and doing. It is a wise time to activate the Pineal Gland, through balancing poses, and inversions, to stabilize and enlighten, and of course, meditation.

Aquarius reminds us of the wide angle lens, encouraging us to pan back and out, to take the bird's eye view. This particular Full Moon, though full of unknowns, is also ripe with enormous potential.

We are being asked to take inventory of our own conditioning and framework, the ways in which we are intractable. Writing out our judgments, self-imposed limitations and misbeliefs and then burning them can aid us in releasing stuck energy and welcoming in the new. We don’t see the world as it is, the saying goes. We see it as we are.

We are tasked during this potent lunation with taking responsibility for our words and deeds, standing tall, committing to our own growth, and developing resilience, grit and adaptability. The more we do so, the greater the ripple effect.

"Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world" Rumi famously wrote, "Today I am wise so I am changing myself."

- Danielle

Danielle Beinstein is a Counsellor, Coach and Psychological Astrologer. She combines astrology with archetypes to reveal and reflect different aspects of the human psyche believing that astrology offers us “a window into our personal life cycles." She currently offers private consultations and Astrology courses online. To learn more, visit her website