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Bennd Yoga Poses
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Increase Your Pleasure With These Yoga Poses and Pillows

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Our sex lives inevitably shift and change over time. Getting to know your body and experimenting with different positions and toys can evoke a sense of excitement in your sex life and increase pleasure for you and your partner. Yoga is a powerful tool to help you connect to your breath and body, enhancing your sensation during sex. Specific yoga postures encourage the body to open up for increased flexibility and satisfaction. The introduction of yoga props in the bedroom can be a playful way to discover new positions. Prioritize your pleasure by trying these yoga poses and postures for better sex.

Bennd Indigo Ayurvedic Yoga Mat


Practicing yoga creates space in our bodies, promotes a sense of calm, and encourages present moment awareness. Pleasure during sex is dependent on both the state of our body and mind. Practicing these postures with intentional breath and mindfulness can make our bodies feel more spacious and help us stay present and relaxed in the bedroom.

Bennd Double Harda Ayurvedic Yoga Mat


Cat-cow is a flow between postures that links breath to movement and improves spine flexibility. It is a wonderful way to prime the back body for comfortable mobility during sex.

Start in a tabletop position. Stack your knees underneath your hips and wrists underneath your shoulders. On an inhale, drop your belly and gaze up to the ceiling. On an exhale, press the mat away and arch your spine, directing your gaze toward your navel. Continue this cycle for ten rounds.

Bennd Tip: Move slowly with sexual prowess and invite your partner to watch.


Creating space in the inner hips is vital for experimenting with different positions and increasing pleasure during sex. Lizard pose improves flexibility in the hip and pelvic region to optimize your comfort.

From a downward-facing dog, step your right foot outside of your right hand and lower your left knee to the mat. Keep your right knee stacked above the ankle as you stretch into your right hip. Stay on your hands, or lower down onto your elbows or a Bennd Yoga Block if you desire more sensation. Breathe here for ten breaths before slowly coming out, transitioning through downward facing dog to switch sides. 

Happy Baby

Lie down on your back. Grab the outside of your feet as you direct your knees toward your armpits, encouraging your inner hips to open. Root the spine down on the mat firmly, staying here or gently swaying back and forth. Hold and breathe for up to 20 breaths. 


Savasana is a beautiful practice to let go of the mental chatter, allow the body to release tension, and be in the present moment.
Lie down on your mat and extend your arms and legs out wide. Let go of any breath control and let your body be heavy. Let any tension melt away from the body and into the earth beneath you. Lie here and allow your practice to integrate for up to ten minutes. 

Bennd Indigo Ayurvedic Pranayama Pillow


Sappan Wood Meditation Collection

Our Sappanwood Meditation Collection is complete with the perfect props to enhance your pleasure and add some spice to your sex life. Unlike other meditation cushions, our products are infused with a unique blend of Ayurvedic herbs for added healing benefits. Sappan Wood is a potent Ayurvedic herb that increases blood flow, helping to prime your body for sex and get you in the mood. 

Try using our meditation cushion to raise your hips during sex to increase pleasure and sensitivity. Place the pillow underneath your glutes, similar to a supported bridge position, and relax the rest of your body. Prioritize deep belly breaths directed to the root chakra and genital region. 

Our pranayama pillow is excellent for tilting your pelvis and arching your back. First, lie flat on your back on your bed, using the pranayama pillow to help you tilt your pelvis upward. Next, have your partner stand at the edge of the bed while you rest your legs on his shoulders. This angle will allow for deeper penetration and result in intense orgasms. 

Bennd Sappan Wood Pranayama Pillow

Your sex life and sexuality are unique to you and will continue to evolve throughout your life. And because everyone experiences pleasure differently, we encourage you to experiment with different placements to find what works best for you. We hope that using these pillows will evoke a sense of sensuality and excitement with yourself or your partner. And empower you to feel your best in and out of the bedroom.