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Full Moon in Aquarius
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Sturgeon Full Moon in Aquarius: How to Manifest With The Moon

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Our Moon holds such grand significance to us because of how close it is to Earth. The Moon makes Earth livable by moderating the planet's wobble on its axis, this allows for a stable climate and movement of water. The Moon is a rhythm that has guided us for thousands of years. Every two weeks we have either a Full Moon or a New Moon making a complete Moon cycle roughly 29 days. When there is a New Moon, the cycle is clear and purified, moving towards fullness. This is a great time to welcome new self-care rituals, conceive a child or begin a new project. When the Moon is full the cycle is heightened and active, moving towards emptiness. This is a great time to do cleansing practices and shadow work followed by manifestation. 

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Full Moon In Aquarius 

Aquarius is an eccentric air sign that is represented by the water-bearer. If the Moon transits an air element sign, emotions search to be expressed. When the Moon is moving through Aquarius we will likely feel inspired to express ourselves in creative ways. Some of the prevalent traits of Aquarius are innovation, uniqueness, and nonconformity. This weekend is the perfect time to dance to your favorite song, wear your favorite off-beat outfit, and let go of any restrictions holding you back from your full potential. Aquarius is all about individualism and unapologetic self-expression!

Sturgeon Full Moon 

According to the Old Farmers Almanac, the Full Moon in August is known as the Sturgeon Full Moon. The names of each Moon act as a guide for farmers to understand weather, gardening, and hunting patterns. The Sturgeon full Moon is named after the Sturgeon fish that are abundant and ready to be caught in the great lakes during the month of August. Traditionally, these names represented the entire lunar cycle for the month rather than just the Full and New Moons. There is also Moon folklore in the Farmers Almanac, such as: clothes washed for the first time in the Full Moon will not last long; if you glimpse at the New Moon over your right shoulder, you will have good luck; and babies born a day after the Full Moon enjoy success and endurance.

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Full Moon Ritual: Burn Ceremony 

For an Aquarius Full Moon, we recommend practicing a burn ceremony. In a burn ceremony, you acknowledge the emotions, thoughts, behaviors, and relationships that no longer serve you and release them to create space to welcome in the things that support your highest self. 

Tools you will need: 


Sitting on your Bennd yoga mat, give yourself 5 minutes to close your eyes and feel into what you need to release in order to reach your full potential. After the 5 minutes are up, list out everything that came up for you on one piece of paper, read it out loud, and then burn the paper to release. Energetically allow yourself to feel all of those things clear from your path. 

When you are ready, take another 5 minutes to close your eyes and call in what you would like to welcome into your reality. Once the time is up, write down everything you are manifesting into your life on your second sheet of paper. Affirm your manifestations by reading them out loud and burn that paper with the intention to send those things out into the universe for you to attract. 

Once the burn is complete you can place one hand on your heart and one hand on your belly and send gratitude for the connection and rhythm of the Aquarius Full Moon!